PENTAMAC is a company that assembles and trades CNC machine tools. Quality, competence and competitive prices are the mainly features that characterize us from the competition.

We are in a famous historical context in machine tools builiding field, we work on a 4.000 mq (2.200 mq indoor area) surface, with a team composed by expert employees. Mechanicals, electronic and software engineers guarantee a right team where they don't leave anything to chance. Our providers and partner are selected by a decennial collaboration and high criterions of high quality from their products.

Our company philosophy is to satisfy the costumer, a post-sales service is composed by an expert technician specialized in every sectors that they ensuring and assisting the costumer both in the placement phases and after in the installation process and in post-sales.

why do you have to purchase from PENTAMAC?


Every single customers is important, regardless of the machine tools, the dimension or the model that they purchased in our company. Customers are our heritage and that's the reason why every investment has the goal to satisfy them.

PENTAMAC facilities are extremely flexible, it allow to get some machine tools change or even personalize them, moreover the contact with our staff and our qualified technician, contribute to create a strong relationship with the customer. Our "technique" extration brights put together with the customer feed-back, increases the product, guarantee a gradual development which enhances the know-out. Many customers've started, purchasing one machine tools and later they've modernized partially or totally the machinery tools workshop.

Today PENTAMAC sells machine tools in many countries all around the world. Italian, english, french, german, russian, chinese, portuguese... are some of the languages spoken by our CNC. Thousand of machine tools are daily used in every type of sector with our great satisfaction.



The import is relative only for the structure and the machine tools pieces which means all the technology advanced parts: motor, eletcrical and electronics parts, pneumatic and hydraulic installation, assembly on the edge of the machine, CNC, they are directly assembles in our company. Our facilities allow us to assembly the big dimension machine tool that normally they comes to us unassembled. An equipped stock ensures an never-ending and suitable service.

Pentamac facilities, extremely flexible, allow to change and even personalized the machine tools, our technique office connected with our Know-out, permit the realization of machine tools parts or specific equipments designed for the customer requirement. The automation: loading or unloading of work pieces, robot, making flexible cell-maker, they can be easily integrate in our machine tools.

Our electronic stock guaranteed the replacement; normally all the change pieces are holding for the use, however an efficient and speed transport service, ensure provision in rapid time, in case if it will be necessary.

Our machine tools are texted and checked with some efficient equipments: Ballbar, interferometers,calibers and certificated square in diabase in order to guarantee the maximum precision.

Our qualified technicals or our authorized partners, attend the installation service, put in service, CNC instructive course and post sale. OUR ENSURE ABOUT EVERY KIND OF MACHINE TOOLS IS 24 MONTHS AFTER THE DELIVERY.

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