Privacy Policy

To protect the privacy and the security of yours personal dates is really important for Pentamac S.r.l that works with the current law about the security and protection of the personal dates. We trust that the rules given below can help you to understand what kind of dates Pentamac S.r.l is often collected, how it use it and how it safe and also who shares it


Through the visite of our website, Pentamac S.r.l doesn't collect any personal dates (es. name, address, telephone, e-mail) unless you agree to give it to us (es. through sign up in our website, newsletter ecc..).Every consensus can be revoke in every moments.You can exercise the rights mentioned in the art. 7 D. Lgs. 30/06/2003, N. 196, also you have the right to withdraw the registration in every moment without any penal payment.

Treatment purpose

Following the art D. Lgs. 30/06/2003, N. 196 about "The code to protect the personal dates", We signal the treatment modality and the objective which your personal dates are destined to .

Art 11, that dates will be subject by us for some manual or informatics treatment as defined by the art 4 comma 1, law letter to:

a) Requirements of law connected by civil,accounting,fiscal ecc...administrative management, requirement about eventual contractual obligations,support and technique information of that products and services of reporting period.
b) Verify the account satisfied, marketing and statistic analysis
c) Future information about some commercial activities and new products announcement, services and offers to you and not for the others companies that we declines every kind of responsibility about the informative materials or "spamming" through e-mail.
d) Promotional and advertising iniziative destined to the market
e) Economic-finance analysis and assessment.

Pentamac S.r.l doesn't collect the "sensitive" dates that art. 62 del D. Lgs. 30/06/2003, N. 196,the holder of the personal dates treatments and the only one that is the responsible about the dates treatment is Pentamac S.r.l address Via Dante s.n 20029 Turbigo (Mi) Tel +39 0331 877819,

Link and others web-site

On the web pages of you can find some hypertext links (hyperlink) with another web-site, proposed to provide a better service for our users or to proposed partner and suppliers services

Pentamac S.r.l is not responsible about web-site contents which the users had to access.

Minor people

Despite of our web-site doesn't have any content section unavailable from the minor people, we want to say that: no personal dates can be inserted in our web-site by a minor person without the parents or a tutor agreement. Pentamac S.r.l encourages all the parents and tutors to educate the minor people about the use of their personal dates in Internet in a safe and responsible way. Anyway,Pentamac S.r.l undertake itself to do not conserve or use awareness any personal date collected by a minor people for no aims, included the divulgations by others web-site.


In order to protect our personal dates against the lose, the destruction and the unauthorized access or divulgation, Pentamac S.r.l has predict safe measures in a technique and organizational way, stopped the access to the unauthorized people about the management dates about the site collected.

Questions and comments


Pentamac S.r.l answers to all your questions about the privacy as soon as possibile to ensure the transparency about her commercial purpose. Moreover it provide through her own mass of communication, detailed informations in case of privacy text change, caused of strategic commercial variations or about the change of the normative in force. For more information, contact us using our address that they are in the contact box.


What's a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that they are download on an user device when they visit a web-site. Every next visit, the cookie are reinvaded to the web-site which it origins them or another web-site that it can recognize them. Cookies are utile because they allow to a web-site to recognize an user device. They have different purposes such as, allow to surf in an efficient way among the web-site pages, remember the favorite website and generally, improved the internet surf experience. They contribute also to guarantee the advertising content seen online that they are more focused for the users and his interest. Independent of the function and the finality use, the cookies can be divided in technic cookies, profiling cookies or third-party cookies.

This website has technic cookie

technic cookie:

Technic cookies are the ones that their use don't request the user agreement as say on the art. 122 comma 1 del D.Lgs. 196/2003. We point out the essential cookies say as (strictly necessary) that they enable functions that, without them, is not possibile to use the website. This cookie are a first part cookie.They are saved on the user computer only during the current browser session.The essential cookies can't be disable using the website functions. They come back in the technic cookie also the other using to analyze the access or the website views also called as analytics that pursue static objectives (but they can't pursue marketing or prolifilation purposes) and they gather informations without any chance to identify the single user.These cookie can be disattivate or/and remove through the browser importation.

Essential cookies can't be disabled, using the web-site functions. Generally cookie can be disabled completely in their own browser in every single moment.Besides, for every technic cookie we reported the name, the use finality and the conversation time.

ownership Domain Tipology Name Desciption
third parte persistent cookie __utma Memorize the view quantity (for every single user) the time before the first visit, the preview visit and the current visit
third parte persistent cookie __utmb Using to monitor the permanence time on the website
third parte session cookie __utmc Using to monitor the permanence time on the website
third parte persistent cookie __utmz Verify if the visitator comes from a search engine (in this case, the key word) from a link or a bookmark
first parte persistent cookie cookiesDirective Verify if the user has decided to do not visualizzed anymore the informative message for the cookies