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Besides the economic profile, the fourth industrial revolution, has the purpose to integrate some machinery tools (they have CNC governments unites) in the industries, introducing the concept of interchange some sensitives dates as: productions, orders management, verify usages, identify broken, find materials or change some pieces between the machine tools and the company.

The normative has a guideline to protect the work place and the employers (safe and healthy). PENTAMAC has adopted this philosophy, using CNC and some devices installed in their machine tools with the goal to assimilate,receive and transmit dates to the outside world.

Furthermore, through out some strategic partners, it's able to provide to their customers, integrative software for the connection and for the elaboration about some dates in REAL-TIME to the manage software.

During the next decade we will see a real transformation in the companies: both in the big-medium sizes and in the small-macro sizes. The machine tools can be connected to a integrative systems that ensure and verify the efficiency and the produce and even the progress state and the solutions about the relevant problems.

INDUSTRY 4.0 PACKET, applicable on our machine tools, represents the first step for the integration between the machine tools and the company...

Industry 4.0 industrial revolution has already started!

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