CNC VISEL VSC 1020 T are specific for the turning.

Versatile, simple and practical, CNC VISEL were designed by using easy criterions with operator interface "USER FRIENDLY". Extremely complete, they allow to be programmed at various levels: in ISO (G) standard, to complete the pre-definitive cycles (MACRO), through the direct realization, drawing a profile directly at the CNC or import it from a CAD file to DXF file with some working.

Is possibile to pass from the rough piece to the complete piece in only two step... A turning macro calculate in automatic way the turner profile trajectory and optimize the past ones.

TURNING MACRO for the programming of the pre-imposted cycles

The use of pre-definitive cycles (MACRO) programming, allow to carry out some working phases or filling out some complicated programs, adding the single phases.

The operator can use the lathe for single phases: Cylindrical and conical turning, cylindrical and conical turning, pulley, thread, etc... They are so recalled and carried out directly by a single text. You have to set up the diameter and the length piece, united with the tool type, usable and after complete MACRO, carrying out the processing.

In programming phase, you have to add sequentially MACRO in order to obtain every kind of piece program (also the most complicated pieces).

For the expert users is possible to program the ISO standard (G code) languages or mix up blocks and witches of ISO program with Macro, getting a mixed programming.

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