VERSATILE, SIMPLE and PRACTICAL, VISEL CNCs have been designed using extremely simple criteria of use with a practical and intuitive "USER FRIENDLY" operator interface. Extremely complete, they allow to be programmed at various levels: ISO (G code) standard, for the compilation of pre-defined cycles (MACRO), through the direct realization of a profile, drawn on board-machine or imported from a CAD format file. DXF and with consequent processing (emptying-pocket and / or contouring).

The REAL TIME organization of the CNC's internal architecture as well as a "USER FRIENDLY" interface (INDUSTRY 4.0 environment) allows high-level performance in the complex machining of molds and equipment. The main features are: sampling times of less than 1 m / sec; look ahead 6.000 block; speed block 3,000 / sec, Feed-forward / Jerk control, interpolation functions with high-speed algorithms (HSP) and dynamic and static RTCP for 5-axis configurations. Smooth parameters for high-speed profile control, 2Gb Flash memory. The update of the CNC firmware can be performed by the user by downloading for FREE the updated versions from the site.


User interface, extremely intuitive, allow the instant use, facilitated by an conversational programming. Many cycles complete as "MACRO" joined with ISO (G-code) standard, can be mixed with some programs.

The operators can be set up for cycles complete "MACRO" or in "ISO", mixed up the command as they want during the edit phase of the program.

VIS CAD : from the drawing to the program in 2 steps

Through a simple and intuitive graphic interface: "VIS-CAD" is possible to draw for some institutions (lines,arches,tangents,round,connection...) one profile on CNC. Two simple cycles (MACRO) will permit the emptying or the encircling of the design profile.

The file can be directly imported (through USB or/ and wi-fi) from outer CAD with DXF extension.

Vis Cad